PhantomFest 2018

PhantomFest Exhibitor Application and Agreement
PhantomFest Exhibitor Application and Agreement
PhantomFest Exhibitor Application and Ag[...]
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Black Diamond Paranormal Society. The goal of our organization is to provide professional assistance regarding paranormal investigation.  Each case will be confidential and held with the utmost respect and trust for our client's individual needs.

I like to announce our first guest speaker for the PhantomFest 2018 Heather Arnold. Heather, is a graduate of Syracuse University’s Newhouse School, had a 10-year career in television industry as a copywriter, and as a marketing and sales executive in Los Angeles and Manhattan, followed by a 5-year career in pharmaceutical sales in Manhattan. In the early 2000’s she was given the opportunity to move from New York to the Caribbean island of Aruba to start her own tour company, where her quest for historically accurate tours led her to the discovery of the Giants. After a successful run with her company, Heather returned to New York where she continues to pursue the history of the Giants of the Caribbean, and began detailing her finding in her book, “The Islands of the Giants: The Lost Race of Giants of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao.” Heather is the curator of the Facebook group: Stones, Bones, and the Paranormal”. She currently lives on Long Island, New York joyfully raising her amazing daughter, who is of Aruban descent.

I would like to announce two more speakers for the PhantomFest....The Conner Sisters Misty and Ashley Conner, 
are two of the founders of the paranormal group named 
Sisters of Salem (S.O.S.) Society of Paranormal Research. 
The two sisters grew up fascinated and inquisitive about the paranormal, from haunting wives’ tales to a grandmother who always claimed, "There was an explanation to everything, if you wait long enough for the answer.The sisters have had the opportunity to not only investigate notorious locations featured on various TV shows, but also to volunteer anywhere from haunted house thrills to being tour guides at these great locations.The sisters noticed as they pursued their passion of the paranormal, they also started to develop more of a sense of the spirit world, and what they had been going through all of their life. Recently, the sisters had a passing in their family and their sensitivity increased greatly. As the sisters started 
developing their sensitivity with great advice from a wonderful psychic in this field, they feel it is a part of their journey to also share this information with people going on the same path 
as them with their own sensitivity and newly found gifts.

Its my honor to announce "The Rock-n-Roll Ghost Hunter" Keith Age as a guest speaker for the PhantomFest! Who is Keith Age? He has been called “The Rock-n-Roll Ghost Hunter”, mostly because he has almost 40 years of experience in paranormal research and because he has been a professional musician even longer. He is also the Founder and President of the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society, which was formed in 1996 and has members worldwide. 
Beyond hearing Keith Age on hundreds of radio stations internationally, he can also be seen on the SyFy Channel, Chiller Channel, Destination America, Discovery Channel. Overseas he can be found on the Space Channel. He has been on over 30 different programs over the years.
He is the host and Associate Producer of the Booth Bro. Spooked TV, highly acclaimed documentary Spooked series which includes Spooked: Ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Children of the Grave, The Possessed, The Haunted Boy, the secret diary of the Exorcist Case, Soul Catcher, trail of Fears, the Haunted Boy, Children of the Grave 2 and the Unseen. 
Along with his duties as Associate Producer of Spooked Television Releasing, he can be found at numerous speaking engagements nationally. They include but are not limited to the American Ghost Society’s (AGS) Conference, UNIV-CON, Haunted Hickory, and his own annual Mid-South Paranormal Convention. As well as many other Lectures and Events.
Currently he is on preproduction of a new series to debut in 2018.
His approach to investigating the paranormal in a non-metaphysical manner has Keith Age known world-wide. His years of experience not only investigating the paranormal but playing bass guitar have earned him the title of "The Rock-n-Roll Ghost Hunter.”
Keith Age will transport you to Waverly Hills, one of the scariest places on Earth, with documented evidence taken during actual paranormal investigations. He will discuss the behind-the-scenes making of Spooked: The Ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium and Children of the Grave, as well as present evidence found during their productions across the United States. Fill the seats at your Event with skeptics and watch as they are astonished, frightened, and gripped with the legendary work of the Rock-n-Roll Ghost Hunter Keith Age.

Its my honor to announce The Southern Gypsies as guest speakers for the PhantomFest! The Southern Gypsies are an electric troop of talented psychic mediums and healers. These women all come from long lineages of magical ancestry dating back to the Celts, Shamans of Native Americans, etc. The Southern Gypsies have an array of mystical talents including the ability to foresee the future through divination of Psychic Mediumship, Tarot Cards, Tasseograpy, Psychometry, etc. They are gifted intuitive healers who offer spiritual, emotional and physical healing. These psychically and magically talented women have many years of experience and offer magical workshops and seances, as well as healing sessions and psychic readings (one on one and Gallery Readings).

I like to announce one of our vendors Paparazzia Accessories when you get a chance check out her jewelry..

We are happy to announce Author - Cyrus Alderwood as a vendor to this year's PhantomFest 2018 he will be selling and singing his books Pot of Gold, A Man Called Doosh, Bedtime Stories for the Terminally Afraid and many more....for more information go to website: www.cyrusalderwood.comFacebook:

Its my honor to announce John Kuykendall International Best-Selling Author as guest speaker for the PhantomFest! John is Amazons #1 Best Seller Squatch Files among many other books. Seen on Film, Guest on a wide range of Radio shows including Darkness Radio with Dave Schrader. Host and Author of Legends of the Peak and upcoming book Cryptid Case Files. Paranormal and Cryptid Investigator for over 15 Years.

Its my honor to announce Steve Stanley as guest speaker for the PhantomFest! Steve has visited Avebury and Stonehenge, worked with nuclear weapons, and gotten stuck in Mammoth Cave. He is a long-time fan, costumer, and collector of useless information. He has attended many various conventions and has researched the history of science fiction fandom. At cons, he enjoys doing readings of fantastic poetry and classic genre stories, and speaks on topics that include unknown creatures, strange history, weird people, and peculiar places. He now hosts a show called Face The Fantastic for Radio Free Roanoke on Roanoke, Virginia's WROE-LP, 95.7 FM.
If you produce short original audio or written works and would like to have them broadcast, write to and request the “Guidelines for Submissions” sheet to learn more about what his show can use. “Per ardua ad astra.”